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This page briefly outlines my general unpaid research experiences, fellowships, publications, and conference presentations. Feel free to download my CV below to have more detailed information of all my experiences.


McNair Independent Research Project

  • Analyzed a dataset of 408 responses from Black people across the nation and utilized SPSS to complete a correlational analysis to examine the relationship between gender, mental health, and cultural mistrust

Women's Psychosexuality Lab

  • Conducted phone screening for new participants for a research study examining the effects of birth control on women’s health and a psychological intervention for survivors of sexual assault

  • Completed administrative tasks within the lab 

  • Assisted graduate students in conducting literature reviews and prepared a poster presentation

Freshman Research Initiative

  • Lab observing pharmacological effects of d-cycloserine and isotocin on Gambusia affinis’ cognitive abilities for potential translational research on the proactivity and reactivity in Gambusia affinis 

  • Conducted an independent research project observing neural effects of external stimuli to Camponotus 

  • Gained experience with statistical analysis with R 

  • Designed an Undergraduate Research Forum Poster Presentation 

University of Texas at Austin LBJ Race and Democracy Fellow

  • Conducted an independent research project examining mental health stigma in black communities and the potential  effect on families  through the guidance of the LBJ School of Public Affairs 

  • Attended events and served as an ambassador for the Center of the Study of Race and Democracy at the University of Texas

University of Texas at Austin Freshman Research Initiative Summer Fellowship

  • Worked on an independent research project examining boldness in western mosquito fish 

  • Conducted a variety of experimental assays observing scototaxis, thigmotaxis, and sociality in Poeciliidae


Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Black Community:  Results from a National Needs Assessment Project  

(invited; under review).  The Moderating Relationship of Formal Support on Loneliness as a Stressor and Black Men’s Mental Health during COVID-19. Submitted to the Journal of Black Psychology, special issue on "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Black Mental Health."

Making Black Lives Matter: Confronting Anti-Black Racism

Chapter 14: “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black” – Marlie Harris, Mercedes Holmes, Kuukuwa Koomson, and Brianna McBride


Article looking at gender differences in cultural mistrust and mental health in the Black community to be published in the upcoming McNair journal as a component of the McNair fellowship


Central Texas African American Family Support Conference   

Harris, M (2020, February 3-5)  How does Family Perception Change the Way we View Mental Health?: Internalized Stigma in the Black Community. Central Texas African American Family Support Conference, Austin, TX, United States.

Texas National McNair Conference

Harris, M (2020, February 21-23)  Perceived Norms, Mental Health Literacy and Internalization of Stigma in the Black Community. Texas National McNair Conference, Denton, TX, United States.

APA Counseling Psychology Conference              

Krueger, N., Hall, S., & Harris, M. (2020, April 3-5) On the Frontier of Scholar-Activism: The Role of Counseling Psychology in Social Transformation [Roundtable discussion]. Counseling Psychology Conference, New Orleans, LA, United States. (Conference Canceled)

UCLA McNair Conference

 Harris, M. (2020, July 29-31) Gender Differences in Cultural Mistrust and Mental Health in the Black Community [Oral Presentation]. UCLA McNair Conference, Los Angeles, CA, United States.

University of Maryland Baltimore County McNair Conference

Harris, M. (2020, September 18-19) “I don’t trust a white Counselor”: The impact of cultural mistrust on Black mental Health [Oral Presentation]. University of Maryland Baltimore County McNair Conference, Baltimore, MD, United States.

Baylor McNair Conference

Harris, M. (2020, October 1-2) The Relationship Between Gender, Mental Health, and Cultural Mistrust in the Black Community [Oral Presentation]. Baylor McNair Conference, Waco, TX, United States.

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